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Joseph Morgan Dishes on Klaus and Stefan’s 'Ripper Lifestyle'

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It’s the question we’ve been pondering all summer: Where in the world are Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Stefan (Paul Wesley)?
Newcomer Joseph Morgan gave Zap2It his best guess at Comic-Con. While he doesn’t have specifics (come on! no vengeful Vegas vacation?), Morgan insists the duo are “not in Mystic Falls” and we’ll likely see some of their foreign adventures on film. As for how long the duo have been departed, Morgan estimates it’s been a few months since Klaus coerced Stefan back into the “Ripper lifestyle.” (Sounds kind of glamorous!) Morgan also revealed there’s a definite reason Klaus chose “good” Stefan over “bad” Damon — a much more obvious partner-in-crime. “He's not just done it on a whim. There's a goal; there's a plan,” he dishes. Of course. This is The Vampire Diaries — every move is calculated!
Executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson also weighed in on Klaus’ motives for picking Mystic Falls’ resident good vamp for his journey. The dream team say we’ll learn a lot more about Klaus’ past come fall, but the biggest thing we’ll discover is that Klaus wants to “build a new family” by creating more hybrids, according to Plec. “Klaus is kind of the bastard child," Williamson says, and he’s craving a change.
Perhaps even more shocking is that Joseph Morgan says he’d like to see Klaus find a girlfriend next season — particularly of the lycanthropic kind. Of course, we’d totally hit that hybrid, but we’re not sure if he can find a willing participant in Mystic Falls!




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