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Joseph Morgan (a.k.a. Klaus) Joins Twitter

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It’s official: Nina Dobrev (Elena) is on a quest to break the Internet. Two weeks ago she tweeted to clue us in on Klaus’ arrival to the set — and, within minutes, #Klaus was a trending topic on Twitter. Impressive! Over the weekend she took to her laptop to once again break some earth-shattering news: Klaus (er, Joseph Morgan) has joined the Twitterverse. (But, in her defense, one of the brooding blonde’s first tweets was “Now, how to get more followers...” Nina was just helpin’ a fella out!) Today, Joseph has more than 14,000 followers!
So, why did JM decide to join the tech-craziness? He tweeted he had “spent the last few days reading tweets of someone pretending to be” him. Creepy! But, given the fact that Joseph is playing the ULTIMATE supernatural vamp, creepy is one word Joseph will have to get used to in his repertoire.
Go ahead, follow him @josephmorgan. If you dare.
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