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11 Things You Didn't Know About Joseph Morgan

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Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. What a man of mystery. Part of his mystique, according to TVD executive producer Julie Plec, comes with casting a relatively unknown actor. Since we have to wait until April 21 to get a glimpse of the fanglorious vamp, we decided to shift our (somewhat obsessive) attention to Joseph Morgan to tell you 11 things you didn’t know about him. Sure, we could have gone the easy route and informed you that he’s from Swansea, Wales, and appeared in the Sky One British TV show Hex, but by now everyone knows that. Nay, we traveled deep into the lore of Joseph Morgan’s life and put together this list of details just for you.
1. He has a passable American accent.
When he starred in Harmony Korine’s Mister Lonely, Joseph portrayed a James Dean impersonator and affected a pretty convincing American accent. According to his casting sheet, Australian, Cockney, and Irish are among his other voice talents.
2. He’s easy on the eyes.
Okay, yes, you can easily get this info form his photo alone, but did you know he’s 5'11", weighs 159 pounds, and has blue-green eyes? Alright then.
3. He’s quite adept at doing the time warp.
Playing everything from Philotas during Alexander’s great reign to Jesus-era Judah in Ben-Hur to a Jane Austen character in Mansfield Park, Joe’s roles have spanned quite a range of years. Which may come in handy considering we have no idea when how old the O.V. really is.
4. Call him Martin?
Joseph Morgan was actually born Joseph Martin. We’ve no idea why he decided to switch it up, or why he chose to go with something equally generic. What are you hiding, Mr. Morgan?
5. Sweet chariot
That was no stunt double in Joseph’s Ben-Hur fight scenes, including the one that took place aboard a chariot. Before shooting the remake of the Charlton Heston classic, Joseph, who was already comfortable in a saddle, took special riding lessons to film the scene. He told wales.online.co.uk: “I did get up there and do a fair amount of it myself, that’s something that’s going on the CV.” While there’s probably a pony or two in Mystic Falls, we doubt Klaus gets up to much chariot-ing these days.
6. He’s well trained.
Much like some of its other famous alums, Joseph Morgan attended the Central School of Speech and Drama. Laurence Olivier, Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave, and Kathleen Turner also studied at the college, known for its theater training. Julie and Kevin Williamson certainly have a knack for finding talented actors to fill their roles.
7. His resume includes writer, director, and actor.
Want to see Joseph’s work behind the camera? With These Hands is a short film he wrote, produced, directed, and had a small role in. Let’s just say he’s no stranger to oodles of fake blood.
8. Why not show some skin?
When asked by the The Globe and Mail if he likes being naked on screen, Joseph responded: “It’s not something I’m afraid of, but it takes a fair bit of hard work beforehand. I don’t read a script and go, ‘how much am I naked in this?’” Since Joseph rocks some killer abs, this is good info to have.
9. He’s in good company.
Joseph Morgan has no reason to be intimidated by the acting quality on TVD — he’s shared the screen with Colin Farrell, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Hopkins in Alexander; Russell Crowe in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World; and Mickey Rourke and John Hurt in the upcoming Immortals. Let’s hope he learned a thing or two from these Hollywood heavyweights and manages to creep us out as Klaus.
10. Quick study
We know the TVD cast loves the Twitter. Even Paul Wesley’s in on the action now. And the newest addition had no trouble jumping right into the techno craze. And based on Joseph’s knowledge of vampires, the spoilers he spills, and his sometimes sinister tone, we’re pretty pleased to get this glimpse inside the man’s methods.
11. He fits in philanthropically.
Ian Somerhalder’s (Damon) is practically a do-gooder superhero, and as a strong supporter of Positive Women, a charity which aims to empower women in Swaziland, Joseph Morgan shares the same giving spirit. Awesome! Together, these two just might save the world.
More deets on Klaus and Joseph Morgan:
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Klaus. Is that a German name? That doesn’t explain how you became a vampire, mister.
Joseph Morgan looks good in anything.



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