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Joseph Morgan on How Klaus Out-Vamps Damon

04.11.2011 11:27 - Iddea - Other articles - komentáře (0)

Back when producers were still casting for the baddest vampire of all-time (Klaus, obvi), we had our reservations that anybody could ever out-Damon Damon (which was, of course, one of the criteria necessary to play the Original vamp).
But when British (and mostly unknown) actor Joseph Morgan nabbed the role — and we saw those piercing eyes — we started to think it was possible. Morgan has taken a very interesting angle with his character — he’s not blatantly copying Ian Somerhalder (Damon). Instead, Morgan dishes he observed Damon’s classic moves (like, being “very expressive with his eyes” and being “very sarcastic”) and decided to do the opposite.
“...I thought that the way to go up against Ian Somerhalder in a scene, is to play with stillness. I wanted to undercut him and to intimidate Damon with how comfortable Klaus was being there, and to get into his personal space,” Morgan tells Zap2it. “Rather than try to outdo him at his own game, I felt I had to bring my own game to the table, and make him play on my terms.”
Whoa! Those are strong words there, Morgan. But we’re pumped to see how that approach works out.



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